Hello my name is Majstin Wik and I  initiated and designed  the horsevib blanket. In the past I was a  research engineer, yet my passion for  psychotherapy led me to become  psycho-synthesis therapist.


Since I remember myself as a young child, I was always passionate about horses. I used to cry and scream demanding to join my dad while he was riding and treating horses.

In 2006, as a therapist, I was looking for ways to help my clients relax and stop stressful overwhelmed minds. I met Olav Skille  - the inventor of Vibroacoustic Therapy. I was participating in a course where he presented Vibroacoustic Therapy as a generic holistic low sound frequency equipment which helps balance mental, physical and emotional systems.

I bought a vibroacoustic therapy mat and started treating my clients with this sound therapy. After few months, many people came mostly for the purpose of  helping them with their pains, blood pressure and many other physical and emotional issues.


After few years with very good results in humans, I was passionate about treating animals, especially- horses.    I called Olav Skille and asked him if they treated animals. At that time, they didn't. It was the beginning of a journey  to find out how horses and dogs reacted when they were treated with this new therapy.  I initiated a  pilot study:


The conditions we focused on and treated with vibroacoustic therapy:


1.      Treatment after accidents or surgery that generated swelling. With vibroacoustic therapy, recovery was much faster and many horses got back to normal work the same they used to, before the accident or surgery.


2.     Older horses with stiffed in muscles  and joints.


3.     Back problems and stiffness.


4.     Preventive maintenance to keep muscles, joints and back in good condition.


5.     Treatment to calm stressed horses. (mental, emotional and physical)


6.     Problems with  digestive system and calming horses’ pain  as a first aid while waiting for the vet.



With Horsevib vibroacoustic therapy and my background in psychology, we created  a new wellness approach to treat your horse.


My recommendation:


Listen to your horse during education, training and competitions. Use  your hands and regularly and feel the horse’s body. Use inner body massage (Horsevib) if  your horse feels stiff or have been working intensively. When you are attentive, listen, and observe your horse’s body language.  Your horse will provide a lot of information.  Our different  frequencies programs  enable various exercises and activate different parts of the body.  


I recommend owners to try vibroacoustic therapy on themselves and use it daily on your horses. Your horses will be healthier and  more balanced.


Trainers, Vibroacoustic Horsevib helps with  balance blood circulation. It help get rid of lactic acid after hard work,  it generate softer and flexible bodies and create conditions for  calmer and more focused horses with more vitality, better performance and  less problems .



I highly recommend purchasing  a vibroacoustic blanket to boost life quality of your horse, whether you own a horse as part of your family, as a therapeutic modality or  for professional racing.

Horsevib is a collaborative project between Olav Skille and  Toril Værnes Trøen from Multivib that also developed the frequencies app.

WE are looking forward to spread the word of the added value of Vibroacoustic therapy through our collaboration with Avigail Berg-Panitz - CEO and Founder of TheSoundWell which manufactures and consults about vibroacoustic therapy equipment to humans, pets and now horses.



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Here is a picture of me and one of my test pilots – Speedy, who has participated in the development of Horsevib. He has had more treatment than any other horse in my care. I am his co-rider and he has received Horsevib treatments for more than ten years, mostly as maintenance but also as rehabilitation after injuries,  like when he streched in the pasture. He also been treated after colic attacks, to be able to relax and get peristalsis started. This gentleman horse is now 23 years old and in full swing with dressage training, ground worked in heavy rains as well as riding out into the woods. He lets me know very  clearly when he wants a treatment and when he is satisfied

Did you know that dogs love to get inner body massage on harmonic pillow?


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