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Treating a dog with Vibroacoustic Therapy / Case study from Sweden




On September 7, our hunting dog Olga, master's favorite, was hit by a car in our yard.
She was very close to dying. We had to do artificial breathing and heart massage .
She was hit on the head and we could not detect any fractures on the legs or body.


Since we are both healthcare professionals, we decided to give her intravenous fluid and cortisone and then wait a few days before visiting the veterinary facility for CT. She was in such bad conditions that it was justified to be sedated, we didn't think she would survive.

But she looked up. Although she couldn't even turn around, she showed interest in food. She couldn't chew, but swallowed so we acquired the recovery diet  that we gave with a syringe far deep in the mouth.  The same we did with water.


After some days, my mother Gunnel came to visit. I think she came to examine how crazy we were about keeping an almost paralyzed dog. But Olga was so happy that she tried to get up to meet Gunnel, then we understood that there was a certain hope to save the dog’s life.

Every day we carried her out and tried to put her on the lawn. She lied on a blanket and became "honoured" by the cats and chickens in the yard. All that time, her best friend a Cocker  Spaniel named Ojjen, was by her side licking and pushing,

It was very heavy to carry a 17 kg Wachtelhund, day after day.
After a few days she could stand with support. Then I began to move her legs.
On September 12, she could stand for a short time. She also managed to squat and pee with support.
On September 20, she walked independently a few meters herself and even tried to go up the stairs to our home.

From that day we started to walk short walks.
In October, Olga was constantly making progress but had a hard time with the coordination, in addition there was still swelling of the head and nerve damage.

The big remaining problem was that she could not use her tongue and was unable to drink.She was not really barking either, but we didn't think much about it.

I was thinking of Majstin Wik a Vibroacoustic therapist, Multivib, which I tried myself when I injured a knee.
I remembered that Majstin had helped a dog with a stroke and thought Olga was just like a stroke patient with neurological failure.
We booked time and at first Olga was worried and had a hard time relaxing.
I did not have the opportunity to come as often as was optimal, but she made progress after each visit.
We saw improvements in coordination, and she seemed to "appreciate" the treatments more and more. She also tried more and more to use her tongue.
After the last treatment she could drink by herself.

Christmas came with vacations, which was not convenient from my end, to  continue the treatments. Maybe she could have gotten even better.

Olga now has a dignified dog life. She can pee, poop, eat and drink herself. She works well at home.
She is a chase hunting dog who loves to hunt, without hunting. Her life would have not been so fun, if she didn't recover. She can now hunt and do well but needs to have her / GPS so we can monitor where she is because she still does not bark so well.

Agneta Roneus (owner)



Majstin Wik's protocol for treating Olga:

1, Red, Green. Has difficulty supporting the right leg and swelling on the right side of the head. Getting worried so I alternate between Red
and Green. She relaxes when she gets green. Can't drink when offered water after treatment.

2, Red, Green. She is calmer and seems to be comfortable. Watching her tongue after treatment and she tries to drink.

3, Red, Green. She is very happy when she comes and tries to lick me during treatment. She walks much better. Licks some water by herself.

4, Red, Green, Orange. She eats and drinks. She comes this time to see if we can improve the whole body movement. She is quiet and relaxed.
Licking me on the hand during treatment.


The frequencies are helpful as described:


Red for blood  circulation and improvement of oxygen transmission.   (based on experiences of earlier treatment with  stroke patients).


Green for relaxation of muscles and calming the whole body.


Orange for reducing swelling.

Dog Walker at the Park
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