Though we all differ in the combination of our  physical-social-psychological reactions, the common denominator view of all types of stress (mental. emotional and physical stress), is that it needs to be reduced daily, otherwise it becomes chronic and elevate other chronic conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, pain and depression. It decreases performance, lowers learning capabilities, and damages effective communication. In addition, it weakens the immune system.



The following article written by Carey Williams, PhD. very clearly describes different types of stress in different types of horses personality:


Similarly, to humans, we can say that horses accumulate mental emotional and physical stress daily and that is why they need to reduce it daily.

Humans’ organism and horses’ organism are complex systems in which the physical, mental and emotional subsystems interact and influence each other.

In addition, horses like humans react positively to love, care, attention, compliments and hugs.

You probably recall when flight attendant instructs the routine of what to do in inflight emergency. They say: Place the oxygen mask on yourself first before treating children (or other people that depend on you).

This should be the case in relationship of riders and their horses.


Awareness is the first step to reduce mental, emotional and physical stress daily. Once you know what triggers “short fuse” in you, you may explore what better habit may replace a bad habit. Life is a school of awareness. Though there are many ways to reduce stress, for riders that have a lot on their plates, I find Vibroacoustic Therapy to be the best choice:

  1. It is soothing, comforting, effective and effortless

  2. It impacts mental, emotional and physical systems in parallel

  3. It acts as a : resets, reboots, recharge inner systems

  4. After 23 minutes of UnWindMe Mat rider calms the body, clears the mind and is in a better mood.

  5. In addition to reduction of stress, the system’s app includes low sound frequencies to reduce lower back pain, upper back pain, insomnia, anxiety and breathing problems.


After a vibroacoustic therapy session rider has the optimal combination of inner conditions of vigor, sharp senses, yet NO STRESS to communicate / train / love his/her horse.


Riders that love their horses and not simple “use” them as a mean/tool to win a race, will make sure they reduce their stress as well.


Horse’s stress is not isolated from the wellness-health-wellbeing conditions and environment.

Therefore, a rider should make sure this bond is applied.

Our Horsevib blanket which embeds the same vibroacoustic technology as in human’s equipment, is an integrated synchronized component with the wellness-health-wellbeing bond perception.


Removing stressful environment and creating harmonic  inner conditions will enable better communication, interaction and performance. This is a win win win for Rider/Horse/Owner.

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