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Listen to your horse:

Three Horses

I know you love me, you care for me, and you value my presence in your life. There are few things that are important for my health and wellbeing. Will you adopt them:


  1. By nature, I am free bodymindspirit being – I need physical space to feel good. Please don’t keep me in small cell.   

  2. I am a social creature; I would love to hang out with my horse friends, daily.

  3. High quality food is very important for my digestion. Fresh food is always better. Supplements and medication: please read carefully about their side effects.  

  4. I have a very good memory and I encode in my brain negative experience as well. If you or your team members insult me and you are mean to me, I keep it in mind. So please be gentler and more positive in your attitude.

  5. I will be more motivated to give my best performance if you show love, and respect and appreciation to my efforts. Good compliments with goodies are always welcome.

  6. Just like humans, we accumulate mental, emotional and physical stress – daily. Please find a way to reduce my stress in an easy and effortless way. I heard that horsevib blanket – ( a vibroacoustic technology from Nordic countries is very soothing, gentle and effective)

  7. Did you know that I can hear low to very high frequency sound, in the range of 14 Hz to 25 kHz (human range = 20 Hz to 20 kHz). I can also move 180 degrees using 10 different muscles (compared to three muscles for the human ear) and I am  able to single out a specific area to listen to. This allows me to orient myself toward the sounds and  to be able to determine what is making the sound and whether it’s a positive or threatening or non-harmonic noise…  I can hear very low volume. You don’t need to shout when you talk with me.

  8.  Though I can sleep standing or lying, my “Normal” sleep patterns include: diffuse drowsiness, intermediary, slow-wave, and paradoxical. Diffuse drowsiness often occurs when i stand with their front legs parallel (square) and my head and neck lowered slightly. In the intermediary phase, just before lying down, I become alert and examine my environment. Then I lie down if I feel safe enough to do so.

  9. I communicate telepathically and energetically. Are you open to accept this perception? lets communicate better with intention. It will make me happier.

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