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  1. Is Horsevib aimed to treat acute conditions, chronic conditions, preventive? All the three?

      - All the three. Once you purchase a blanket you will get a user manual and learn how to evaluate  symptoms and decide which frequency to choose to address various conditions. Like in humans, our perception is based on optimizing the usage of energy. All has to do with mental, emotional and physical dynamic balance. Vibroacoustic Therapy is a dynamic balancing platform.

   2. Does back pain program treat all back ? upper back? Lower back?

      - Yes it treats the whole back, the frequency vibrate whole body organs, tissues and cells. It reaches all body fluids after 5-7 minutes. (As you may know, sound travels through water better then air. Horse consists of 70% water. Bones, muscles, nerves and blood vessels and cells, are harmonically and gently vibrated.  )


   3.  In the user manual you state first choice of frequency and then a second choice. Can you treat one program and then the next right away?

     - Yes, if you constantly look at the horse reaction and make sure  s/he is OK.

   4.  How many sessions should take to treat a condition?

      - It depends on the problem, we recommend 3 sessions first and then decide.

   5.  Do mental, emotional and physical stress are treated with the same program?

      - In most cases you can use the basic  programs for all stress. There is also a more advanced program for mental stress.

   6.  When used in conjunction with other modalities, should Horsevib be used before, during or after the other modality?

      - Usually it is better to before other modalities.


   7.  What are the maximum programs that can be used daily?

       - If the volume is very low, you can treat 3 times a day with 2 programs,

   8. How do i evaluate horse conditions to determine which will be the dominant program?

       - Start with a circulation program you can use the more specific after.

   9. How can we learn more about the study that was held on 50 horses?

        - The manual guide is based on that study.


   10. What are the benefits of having horsevib to keep maintenance of good health and well-being of racing horses?

        - Benefits are less lactic acidin muscles and softer back and joints, also calmer horses to handle.  

            In addition, less gas colic.  In general horses will be healthier  when you use Horsevib regularly.


   11. What are the benefits of having horsevib to keep maintatance of good health and well-being to therapeutic horses?

        - As the above

   12. Which program recharges vitality and improve performance ?

       - It depends of what profile of horse you have. For some you need to slow down with Pink, others Brown if they are over trained and others who are little stiff in their back - use Olive. If you focus mainly   on well-being use Grey or Brown.

   13. Can the transducers (low sound frequencies speakers) be placed along the sides of the spine as they access acupuncture points?

       - Horse is 70% water. The sound travels in every organ, tissue and cell. Therefore all meridians and chakra centers are open and stuck energy is released after 5 minutes.

   14. What is the added value of Horsevib in comparison to vibration plate

       - Answer

    15. How do you keep Horsevib clean ?

        - Use your own cleaned  blanket first.

        - The following solution -

           or as such.









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