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Testimonials from Sweden

An Interview with Niklas Lindbäck

is an eventing rider.  One of
the Swedish riders in next Olympic games .

Sarah Hollingworth Palmer Testimonial - South Florida

Sarah from Dovecot Farm, The Equestrian Retreat


Sarah utilize horses’ wisdom, love and sensitivity to raise awareness and leadership.


In her own words:

"We are different, we strive to make a difference. Our programs blend wellness & leadership modalities. Each session incorporates HeartMath breathing techniques, DISC Emotional Intelligence & Mindfulness Coaching. Integral sound healing has been added to our experiential retreats. Your emotional well-being is top of mind, & heart" 

here is what she said about  Horsevib

HorseVib SAVED HIS CAREER - a case-study from Noway

After a serious injury in the leg, French Pride was told that he could never run again. However, after treatment with Horsevib, the trotter is now back on the race track.

The thoroughbred horse French Pride incurred a serious suspension ligament before a race two years ago. The suspension ligament is a ligament that get hard strain among trotting horses, and almost two years ago, French Pride suffered a serious injury in this ligament.

"I was told that it would be a waste of time to treat him because he most likely would never be able to run again," Trude Kleveland says.

However, for Trude  never was never an option to give up on him.

"For me, he's more than just a trotter," she said.

Effective treatment with sound waves

One of Trude’s other horses has suffered the same injury as well, and that was when she came across Horsevib. Horsevib is a treatment of a special horsecoat with built-in speakers which transmits low sound frequencies into the horse's body. Trude explains that she has very good experiences with this treatment for other types of injuries as well.

"I have had horses with acute limping, which suddenly disappeared a few hours later. I've also seen swellings disappear in just a few days, and hoof abscesses open up. That’s why we decided to test it on French Pride as well, " Trude explains.

During the first three months, the thoroughbred horse used Horsevib one hour a day.

"It was a test of patience, both for me and the horse, but I believe Horsevib have been significant and major factor for his recovery.

Back at the race track

The trotter has done several races since the injury healed, and has not been bothered with the leg afterwards. Trude gives Horsevib a lot of credit.

"What we see on the x-rays now is that the long and elastic fibers have grown together, and that should not really be possible with the damage he had. If it had germinated as expected, with a lot of scar tissue, he could not tolerate the races he is doing now. It's too much strain on the leg”, she explains. 


That’s why French Pride, even though he is healthy now, still uses Horsevib. 


“We don’t take chances”, Trude concludes.

Trude m blomster.jpg
trude racing.png

Case study  from Sweden            

Neron PRE Valac 12 years with Coffin bone fracture.























On May 27, 2015, Neron was diagnosed with coffin bone fracture type 2. The estimation was  that if the fracture continues, the joint will be  affected, which would worsens the prognosis. (see picture below)
The forecast was 50/50 of recovery.










Neron got a plaster bandage at the veterinary department at University of agriculture in Uppsala(SLU). He had it for four weeks. After four weeks, he got a horseshoe formed as a ring  to stabilize the hoof.


The veterinarian said we would expect 1 ½ years of recovery and was skeptic if he would really get healthy.

During  the rehabilitation time, we went to SLU every 12 weeks for  x-ray the hoof. No cartilage or osteoarthritis appeared..


The plan of recovery was  that after about 5 months he was supposed to start walking,  and after 8 months, start riding him.

After 11 months, Neron got a health certificate from the vet, stating  that there was no complications.

Malin Skarin, horse owner






1. Four weeks after Neron was free of his bandage, we started a treatment with a circulation program Brown and a program to reduce swelling. and Breathing program. This protocol continued so for four treatments.


2. Neron responded by waving his left hind leg very frequently the first time of the treatment.  He became quieter and less swollen after each treatment. He received  a treatment every other day the first few weeks after the injury. Then, he received treatment at least once a week.

3. After four Horsevib treatments, we added a program that helps calming  his mental state. We  decided on doing so because Neron is a very mentally active horse . It was stressful for him to stay in his cell during the  rehabilitation  period.


It worked great, everyone in the stable saw when Neron got that program. He sighed, stretched his body and fell asleep ( horses'  signs and reaction when they are relax). He was also quiet when another horse in the stable got that program as well.

4. When Neron started to move more actively, we alternated the Breath – program with muscle Pink and alternatively joint / back program Olive. Pink  program was given  when he was  still in his cell for weeks.

Olive program was give  for joints and back, and also to protect from arthritis.


He  continued  receiving the circulation program . This program is good for blood circulation and digestion (colic) specially when horses have to stay in their cells in non-mobility state.


The outcome:


Neron got a health certificate and was free from arthritis.

Riding started after 8 months instead of 18 which was the prognosis in the beginning. ( he was given  50/50 chance to be healed at all).


Program were used:

Brown, Breath, Mental, Pink and Olive.


Therapist Majstin Wik
Wik Human & Horse Therapy AB
Phone +46 70-2982037

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