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What is Vibroacoustic  Therapy Horsevib and why it is the best Holistic & Integrative Complementary therapy for your horse.


Imagine you lie on a special sonic harmonic mat and feel soothing  inner body massage that vibrates gently every organ, tissue and cell. After 23 minutes, you feel less stress, less fatigue, and more energized.

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for horses.

Olav Skille from Nordic countries (Norway /Finland) invented Vibroacoustic Therapy. Skille found the correlation between specific low sound frequencies in the range between 30hz-120hz and reduction of pain and stress in different parts of the body. Other frequencies are effective to reduce anxiety and insomnia.


How does VAT work?


Humans mainly connect sound with the function of the ear. We do not generally  perceive sound with our bodies and feel sound in the form of vibrations.

However, as early as on day 45 in the development of a fetus, the hearing functions in our ears begin to develop. Before that, the growing fetus has received vibrations or sound via the amniotic fluid where the vibrations reach the whole surface of the skin. Vibrations enhance life and are a necessary prerequisite for all life.

As adults, we are still surrounded by sound and vibrations, but all of our linguistic terms for the experience remain tied to the function of the ear.

Our language lack words to describe the positive effects of low sound frequency inner body massage and how it may enhance life quality for humans and animals alike. Even though we may lack terminology for sound vibrations in the uterus, the adult has never completely forgotten the positive effects of the life-giving vibrations in the uterus.

Olav Skille vibroacoustic therapy systems built-in in mats, pillows and horse blankets are  safe,  monitored equipment to transfer these vibrations to the whole body as well as to specific areas. Research show that sound spreads better in water than in air. Sound from a focal point of massage application can be transmitted to all the cells in the body and local application thereby gives a positive effect to the whole body. The brain is also affected in a positive way from vibrations via the spine.


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