Services and prices:

1.  60 minutes of Massage & Vibroacoustic Therapy treatment - $150 + traveling cost

2. Renting Vibroacoustic Therapy equipment - shipping costs + $400 per month.  if you decide to purchase a Horsevib system, the rental cost will be deducted.  Rental can not exceed 2 month.

3. Purchase a Horsevib system which includes: skype conversation, vibroacoustic therapy blanket, amplifier and 4 frequencies to be downloaded to mobile device : $2000+ shipping

additional accessories: rechargeable battery - $35 , tablet with basic frequencies -$70

package of  5 more advanced frequencies - $12o

4. Home Version of UnWindMe Mat for riders, owners, trainers -$899 + Shipping

5. More Vibroaocustic therapy equipment for humans and pets

Special offer
for vets, academia ,
coaches, trainers and
non profit organizations
prices for distributors

Wish to feel vibroacoustic therapy  inner body massage on yourself and your horse first?

Send us a note below with your address + $165 + $15 shipping (in US)  via paypal  to and we will send you a stuffed pet so that you and your horse can sense and feel sonic harmonic gentle waves.
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