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Services and product prices:

1. Purchase a Horsevib system which includes: vibroacoustic therapy blanket, amplifier and 4 basic frequencies built-in a tablet : $3000+ shipping 
+ 2 sessions of 30 minutes of zoom support . Purchase here
 Please note, we personalize the blanket to fit your horse's size. Price may change if you need nonstandard fabric or size.
 2. 60 minutes of Massage/Healing  & Vibroacoustic Therapy treatment - $150 + traveling cost

3. Renting Vibroacoustic Therapy equipment - shipping costs + $400 per month.  If you decide to purchase a Horsevib system, the rental cost will be deducted.  Rental can not exceed 2 month.

3. Additional accessories: rechargeable battery - $35 ,
package of  5 more advanced frequencies - $12o

4. Home Version of UnWindMe Mat for riders, owners, trainers -$899 + Shipping

5. More Vibroaocustic therapy equipment for humans and pets

horsevib on a horse.png
horsevib system.png
Special offer
for vets, academia ,
coaches, trainers and
non profit organizations
prices for distributors

Wish to feel vibroacoustic therapy  inner body massage on yourself and your horse first?

If you wish to feel the vibrations, you can purchase  a Vibrating Plate in the size of your palm and place it on a tensed muscle or focused pain. can sense and feel sonic harmonic gentle waves.
you can purchase all vibroacoustic therapy equipment here:
vibrating plate and a bag.png
Horsevib America

13325 crosspointe dr

Palm Beach Gardens



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