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Interview with Niklas Lindbäck

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1) How does Horsevib affect your horses:

Two different horses, reacted differently: one of which one was very skeptical of the treatment at the beginning, but now he is  very relaxed and more focused, when he  receives treatment before work.
The other horse took the treatment immediately and responded by being
relaxed soft and  motivated in his work.


2) How do you  use Horsevib?

a) Preventive: Niklas uses Horsevib as part of his warming of his horses,
they are then soft and compliant after treatment.

b) Acute: Has a preventive effect, when the horses receive treatment also
after training sessions.

c) Chronic disorders: No experience of treating horses with chronic disorders.

3) Would you recommend Horsvib:
a) Would definitely recommend Horsevib to horse owners. Its a a gentle method that makes the horses feel good.
b) Definitely  for coaches
c) Veterinarians that are open to new methods.

4) Anything else?
This is a mild recovery modality and  and "start up" for all horses.



**Niklas Lindbäck is an eventing rider.  He is one of the Swedish riders in next Olympic games and VM.

Niklas has been using Horsevib for over two years.

The interview  was taken in December 13, 2020.

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