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12:00 PM, 11.3.2020


TheSoundWell Vibro-Therapy, Announces Availability of Horsevib Blanket

helps reduce pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety with sonic inner body massage


Palm Beach Gardens, Florida— 11.3.2020 — Today at the company’s office, TheSoundWell Vibro-Therapy, announced immediate availability of Horsevib Blanket . Horses owners, rides and trainers may now improve wellness-health-wellbeing of horses by placing Horsevib on the horse body for a 20 minutes session to reduce pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety, recharge vitality and improve calmness and performance.


“Horses love sonic inner body massage which is sensed as soothing and gentle waves hugging the horse from within,” said Avigail Berg-Panitz, CEO at TheSoundWell Vibro-Therapy, .


From Humans to Horses –Majstin Wik the designer of Horsevib from Sweden, explains the uniqueness of Horsevib:

“As a psychotherapist, I was intrigued by Vibroacoustic therapy equipment (mats and pillow) invented by Olav Skille from Norway. Skille was playing his bass in front of disabled children when he noticed how the low sound frequencies of his bass, helped ease mobility in handicapped children sitting in wheel chairs. He noticed how the low sound frequencies reduced tension, and improved their mood.” Skille found the correlation between specific low sound frequencies and reduction of pain and stress in different parts of the body, and other frequencies help reduce insomnia and anxiety. Wik who grew up with horses all her life asked Skille to create special low sound frequencies for horses and she designed the Horsevib Blanket Horses like humans, consist between 60%-70% water. Physically, sound travels through water better then air. The frequencies which are transmitted to the horse via mobile device to the special low sound frequencies speakers built in the Horsevib blanket, literally, vibrate harmonically and gently every organ tissues and cell.


“It was a test of patience, both for me and the horse, but I believe Horsevib have been significant and major factor for his recovery.” said Trude Kleveland a professional rider from Norway.


Horsevib Blanket Availability


Horsevib Blanket may be rented for two months before decision to purchase. TheSoundWell Vibro-Therapy, is committed to train about optimized usage of the different frequencies as part of the system package. Horsevib Blanket is available for immediately download at






Founded in 2018, TheSoundWell Vibro-Therapy, is implementing the original vibroacoustic therapy invented by Olav Skille from Norway. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to help people, pets and horses, balance inner systems and reduce pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety in a soothing, gentle and effortless ways.






For more information:

Contact Name – Avigail Berg-Panitz

Phone Number +1 914-433-2849

Email –

For more information on Horsevib Blanket :

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