Horsevib - Vibroacoustic Therapy Blanket for horses

Soothing & gentle

Inner Body Massage

with sonic harmonic

vibrations to keep horses' welfare.

Whether you own horses for the purpose of racing and professional sports, as a therapeutic modality, or fun riding  in  your recreation center, HORSE’s WELL-BEING AND HEALTH SHOULD BE YOUR FIRST CONCERN and PRIORITY.

Be sensitive to your horse daily: look into his eyes, watch his whole body closely, touch and massage him. Feel his mood, talk to him, sense if he  suffers from any type of condition, praise appreciate his being.

Horses like humans, accumulate mental, emotional and physical stress, daily. Unattended  accumulated stress may elevate digestive problems and anxiety. In addition, it reduces motivation, lowers performance, and weakens the immune system.

At Horsevib – America, we provide holistic and integrated vibroacoustic therapy blanket  to boost the well-being and health of your horse.


- reduce muscle tension / training pain

- reduce joint problems

- reduce back problems

- reduce swelling after injury

- increases bowel movements in case of stomach problems

More uses:

- keeps high maintenance during hard training

- makes the horse more relaxed and balanced

- speeds up healing and reduces scar tissue

- increases the horse's mobility




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